A museum with a treasure trove of seashells

Miramar Zeemuseum is often referred to as a shell museum. This is partially justified, since shells make up most of our collection. You can learn a lot about seashells in our museum.

Did you know?

In the past, shells were used as a way of payment. The best-known ‘money shell’ is the money cowrie. This form of payment was widely used in Africa and Asia. The Dutch used this shell during the era of the Dutch East India Company to buy slaves. Occasionally, these shells still wash up on Dutch shores from sunken ships. This shell is also for sale in our museum shop.

Seshells and sea animals

But we are more than just a shell museum! In addition to shells of all the various families and species, we exhibit a variety of other sea creatures, including turtles, sea urchins and starfish. In a nutshell: behold the sea and be amazed!

We have the most fantastic and colourful varieties of (tropical) shells for sale in our museum shop. Feel free to take a look at our extensive range. Even shell collectors will find something to their liking in our shop. Are you looking for a specific shell? Be sure to let us know!

Crafting with shells

Let your imagination run wild

For young and old, a visit to Miramar can be extended with a fun craft activity! For a small fee of €2.50 they can create a shell monster with large or weird seashells, or they can create their own tealight holder. Craft activities are available every day the museum is open.

During holidays there are also extra activities available. Go to children’s activities for more information on the fun activities we have to offer at Miramar Zeemuseum in Vledder.

Shell day

Are you the new miss Warners?

During the autumn break, we organise a number of events where you can show your own discoveries to a real shell expert. This expert will be more than happy to tell you what species of shells you have brought along. Who knows, there might be some very special treasures in your collection!

Keep an eye on our website and social media for the exact dates, and be sure to join us!


Miramar is geopend van 1 april tot 1 november